Overall solution for SMT production line

Focusing on sensors, routers, mobile power supplies, energy storage equipment, smartphones, smart wearable devices and VR devices, intelligent controllers and software, vehicle and network sensors, GPON optical Sales and service of cats, wireless chargers, set-top boxes, tablets, plastic products, digital products, automotive emergency power supplies, power boards, LED lights, e-readers, multimedia players, speakers, computers and computer peripherals, mobile phones and mobile phone accessories, etc. technology R & D.

Starting from 2022, Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. has maintained a stable cooperative relationship as a cooperative service provider of “JIADUNGAOSHI”!

Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. provides overall SMT production line solutions for ” Jiadun Ghosh “!

One-stop service: providing a variety of brand equipment, expert technical teams, customized solutions, on-time delivery, fast after-sales maintenance/services, peripheral equipment and consumables, etc.

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