SMT production line complete line configuration

The business scope includes research and development, production, processing and sales of: new energy power electronic products, power supply products and related electronic spare parts, magnetic spare parts, hardware products and accessories, plastic products, electromechanical component chips, household appliances, sweepers, and massagers , electronic cigarettes, robots, drones and their components, smart equipment, lighting equipment, infrared thermometers (non-medical), communication products, connectors, Class I medical devices, Class II medical devices, daily masks (Non-medical); Sales of: Class III medical devices; Provision of testing, technology and services corresponding to the above products; Import and export of goods or technology.

Starting from 2022, Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., as a cooperative service provider of “Debom New Energy”, has maintained a stable cooperative relationship!

Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. provides SMT production line overall solutions for “Debom New Energy”!

One-stop service: equipment selection and on-time delivery, expert technical team: equipment installation and commissioning, training and technical support, after-sales maintenance and upkeep, upgrade and transformation services, data analysis and optimization; providing peripheral equipment and consumables, etc., effectively Solving customers will consider all problems and provide solutions and services.

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