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Solder Paste Printer

The Solder Paste Printer is specialized equipment for applying solder paste onto the pads of electronic components, a critical step in the SMT process. Solder paste is typically composed of metal tin, metal lead (lead-free paste excludes lead), and other metal alloys, along with a binder, used in the soldering process of electronic components.

Working Principle

  1. Stencil:The printer uses a stencil with apertures corresponding to the component pads.
  2. Paste Distribution:The machine distributes solder paste onto the stencil surface.
  3. Squeegee:A squeegee moves across the stencil, spreading solder paste into the apertures.
  4. Printing:The solder paste pattern is precisely transferred to the PCB pads.
  5. Drying:The printed paste usually requires drying to fix its shape on the pads.


  • Precision:Controls the amount and position of solder paste accurately, ensuring print quality.
  • Consistency:Ensures uniformity in high-volume production.
  • Automation:Modern printers commonly use features like automatic stencil changing, cleaning, and inspection.
  • Adaptability:Suitable for different PCB sizes and shapes, as well as varying paste thickness and viscosity.

Solder paste printers are essential for the quality and reliability of electronic component soldering. Lead-free paste usage also meets environmental and health safety requirements.

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