SMT Line

Fast Smart Modular Mounter JUKI Mounter RS-1R

Optimal loading speed 47,000CPH* for high-speed loading
Recognize the height change of the sensor “artisan head” and then evolve
The realization of optimal line and body balance
A wide range of part stresses from 0201 to large parts
Best for LED mounting

Product Description

Product title Fast Smart Modular Mounter JUKI Mounter RS-1R
Type RS-1R
machine weight 1700KG

Board Size

maximum:1 when buffering,650×370mm( One time splint)
950×370mm ( Splint twice),1,100×370mm (Splint twice),1,200×370mm ( Splint twice)
3 when buffering,360×370mm,500×370mm,600×370mm
Component height 25mm
component size /
Placement speed 47,000CPH
Placement accuracy ±35μm(Cpk≧1)
Feeder inputs /
Power Supply /
Nominated Power 2.2 kVA
operate air pressure 0.5±0.05 MPa
Air Consumption Vacuum generator in use:200ℓ/ 分 ( standard )、Vacuum pump in use 50ℓ/ 分 (OP)
Dimensions(W×D×H)*4 Machine dimension 1,500×1,810×1,440mm,1,800×1,810×1,440mm,2,000×1,810×1,440mm
*1 Please consult if you need to support 0201 components.
*2 When using RF(RF08AS) feeder.
*3 For models other than AV200V, a transformer is required (optional)
*4 In the description of external dimensions, D dimension is the dimension excluding the front operation display, and H dimension is the height dimension excluding the signal light.

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