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Jintuo-wave soldering SE350-SE450 series

The transportation system adopts stepless electronic adjustment, closed-loop control, and the speed is stable and accurate; the inlet is equipped with a pressure auxiliary device to avoid slipping when the PCB enters; the additive nozzle is driven by a stepper motor to ensure uniform flux coating; the spray system is modular Design, the nozzle is always in a vertical track to ensure good penetration of the flux into the PCB: forced natural air cooling system, which can meet the cooling slope requirements of the lead-free process; the track angle is manually adjusted for easy operation; the preheating area is heated by hot air and the temperature is stable . The streamlined appearance design and internal modular design are suitable for lead-free soldering of SMT and in-line components; the spray system uses a centrifugal fan to extract air to prevent flux from dripping onto the PCB; the flux buffer tank sensor is external, more reliable Durable; built-in automatic flux nozzle cleaning function system; standard cold air knife to prevent flux mist from spreading outward and reduce pollution; dual-wave control adopts stepless frequency conversion technology, which can independently control the wave peak height; 1/4HP high-power wave peak motor, The maximum wave crest height can reach 15mm; it has an over-temperature sound and light alarm and emergency braking system, and all motors are overload guaranteed.

Product Description

model SE-350 SE-450
Dimensions (LxWxH)  4445*1582*1735mm
net weight   Approx.2000KG
total power  AC 380V3Φ5W50/60Hz 37kw  (0ption:AC220V3Φ 50/60Hz)
power OperatingPower8.2KW
Preheating time   < 15min
temperature range  Roomtemperature-280°C
PCB width range 50~350mm 50~450mm
PCB upper and lower space top120mm/bottom25mm top120mm/bottom25mm
Transport direction LtoR(Option:RtoL)
PCB entrance height from ground 750±20 mm (Entrance)
Transport speed 300-1800mm/min
Device Configuration
Number and method of preheating zones  3 bottom hot air preheatingzones
Temperature control method PID+SSR
control method PC+PLC
Spray system InternalSteppingmotorspray
transport claw  Heavydutydouble -hook fingerclaw
Tin furnace capacity 480kg 550kg
How the tin furnace operates Mechanical
Furnace material: Castiron+Enamel processing
cooling method  Forced Air Cooling

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