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Cube series-3D AOI

Octavia 3D AOI–Cube series is suitable for high-precision and high-speed online inspection in front of and behind SMT furnaces. It adopts a new generation of multi-projector optical machine technology to effectively solve shadow blind spots and truly restore the three-dimensional form of components. It has an industry-leading positioning technology and feature detection algorithms.

Product Description

(High speed, high detection, high range)
Rich algorithms, combined with 3D+AI+color feature algorithm, high defect coverage rate
Multiple positioning methods, accurate component positioning, regardless of board bending deformation and blackboard black material
Adaptable to PCBs of different colors, enabling effective detection of both black and white boards
Marble + dual drive + motion control card, industry-leading detection speed
Ultra-high range 3D reconstruction technology, capable of measuring components up to 35mm in height
Three-point photography and rich SPC data analysis can quickly locate the root cause of defects.

Optical principles and measured defects:
Using phase-shift projection method, the height information of the object can be accurately restored.

Technical advantages:
Automatic zero reference
Automatically generate reference points, ignoring PCB color changes and board interference, making height measurement more accurate.

3D positioning technology
Through 3D positioning technology, positioning problems can be effectively solved by avoiding interference such as silk screen printing, PCB board surface and color changes of component incoming materials.

Intelligent flatness detection technology
The combination of flatness detection and absolute height detection can completely eliminate false alarms caused by differences in material height.

3D and color combination algorithm
The optimized application of height information and color information can fully restore various forms of components and solder joints.

Ultra-high range reduction technology
The industry’s leading high-range three-dimensional reconstruction technology can measure components up to 35mm in height, effectively increasing the height measurement range.


Special feature:
iFactory Solutions
Smart factory solutions enable monitoring and centralized management of production data to improve production quality and efficiency.

Automatic line change by scanning QR code
Automatically adjusts the width and calls the program by identifying the PCB barcode without manual participation, and supports MES command implementation.

SPC warning
Monitor the production quality of the production line in real time, provide timely feedback on abnormal conditions, and prevent defective batches from flowing out.

Major bad mistakes
Effectively prevent key components and critical defects from flowing out.

Device Model Cube Cube-D Cube-XL
Image system camera 12MP industrial camera
resolution 15μm, 12μm, 10μm
FOV 60*45mm (12MP, 15μm)
light source 4-color ring-shaped programmable LED light source (RGBW)
Height measurement method Structured grating*4
Board feeding mechanism X/Y motion AC servo dual drive
abutment marble
Track width adjustment method auto-adjust
Track type belt
Incoming board flow direction Left to right or right to left (factory setting)
fixed rail Single rail: 1 rail fixed; Double rail: 1 rail fixed (can be set to 1, 3 or 1, 4 fixed)
Hardware Configuration operating system Win 10
way of communication Ethernet, SMEMA
power supply Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A, 1.1kW
air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Orbital height 900+20mm
Machine size L1140mm*D1360mm*H1620mm (excluding lamp) L1310*D1360*H1620mm (without lamp)
weight 1100kg 1150kg 1300kg
Check PCB specifications size 50*60-510*510mm Double rail enabled: 50*60-510*320mm Single rail enabled: 50*60-510*560mm 50*80-650*610mm
thickness s6.0mm
Warp +3.0mm
clear height The upper clear height is adjustable from 25-50mm, and the lower clear height is 45mm.
craft edge 3.0mm
PCB weight s3.0kg
Check item Component class Wrong parts, missing parts, polarity, deviation, flipped parts, damage, IC bent legs, IC warped legs, foreign objects, floating height, tilt, tombstone, etc.
Solder type Wuxi, less/more tin, virtual soldering, bridging, solder balls, etc.
Check components Chip: 03015 and above (3D); LSI: 0.3mm pitch and above; Others: special-shaped components
Test your ability Height range 35mm (at 15μm resolution)
high resolution 0.37μm
Check speed 450ms/FOV

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