SMT Line

Yamaha chip placement machine-YS12F series

Yamaha YS12FSmall economical universal modular patch machine

Product Description

1.20,000CPH (equivalent to 0.18 seconds / CHIP) placement performance
2. It has excellent corresponding capabilities and can correspond to 0402~45×100mm components. *□32mm or above requires the installation of special nozzle components.
3. Compatible with large substrates, L size: L510×W460mm
4. Various types of tray packaging components are also compatible with automatic exchange tray supply devices (ATS15)
5. Built-in belt cutter
Device parameters
Target substrate L50×W50mm~L510×W460mm
Placement accuracy Absolute accuracy (μ+3σ)±0.05mm/CHIP
Placement efficiency 20,000CPH (our company’s best conditions)
Component supply method Tape and reel supply
Component type Tape packaging: 106 types (maximum/converted to 8mm tape)
Tray packaging 15 types (maximum/converted to JEDEC pallet)
Object component 0402~45×100mm, including ball electrode component ※□32mm or above, a special nozzle assembly needs to be installed
Mountable height 15mm
Power Specifications Three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V ±10%
Supply air source 0.45MPa or above, clean and dry state

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