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Yamaha chip placement machine-YSM40R series

Successfully achieved the world’s fastest 200,000 CPH*1 through a streamlined platform structure. Completed comprehensive innovation in productivity. The world’s fastest 200,000 CPH (under our company’s best conditions). The compact body width is only 1m.
Flexible and convenient to support 3 different types of placement heads, the leading production line unit length productivity of 200,000CPH/m (under the company’s best conditions) supports high-quality placement and high operation rate technology

Product Description

1. The world’s highest productivity
1. The world’s fastest 200,000 CPH
The world’s fastest placement is achieved through the latest technologies such as a new ultra-high-speed rotary placement head and a servo motor using high-speed algorithms.

Multi-vision camera system
Successfully realized high-speed recognition and high-precision multi-vision camera system.
Also available with coplanarity check function and side vision camera.

Ultra-high-speed rotary placement head
By reducing the weight of the placement head and relying on the newly developed rotation control technology and its own simultaneous suction technology, it has completed a comprehensive innovation in productivity.

Ultra-high speed ZS feeder
Lightweight small electric feeder. Ultra-high-speed operation is achieved through new control algorithms. ※2
※2: Existing ZS feeders can also be upgraded to high-speed ZS feeders by updating the software version and tuning station.

2. Miniaturized design
As a model with 4 beams, the body size is only 1 meter wide by 2.1 meters long.
The production line’s productivity per unit length and unit area are second to none, making efficient use of the limited space in the factory.

2. Flexible support for various production forms
1. Supports 3 different types of placement heads: ultra-high-speed placement head (RS placement head), multi-function placement head, and special-shaped placement head

2. There are 2 types of beams available: 4 beams and 2 beams

3. Various placement heads and their mountable components
Ultra-high-speed placement head can support the minimum size of 0201

4. Flexible and diverse nozzle exchange station
The nozzle exchange station (ANC) can be replaced according to the placement head. The ultra-high-speed placement head dedicated nozzle exchange station also supports free arrangement.

5. Dual-rail system that can support large substrates
A dual track system is used. Not only can the output of small and medium-sized substrates be increased through dual-line parallel transmission, but also the longest
It is a large 700mm long substrate. Excellent versatility.

6.Wide range supply device
It is equipped with a disposable changing cart that supports offline switching, and a cart-type pallet component supply device that can be installed on the front and back of the machine body.

3. Technology that supports high-quality placement and high operation rates
1. Nozzle maintenance function
During production, the equipment can check the appearance and function of the nozzle by itself, and automatically replace the spare nozzle according to the specific situation.

2. Rotary placement head front filter
Through the filter installed on the tip of the shaft, the inside of the placement head can be kept clean and maintenance hours can be saved.

3. High-speed side vision camera
The component status can be monitored continuously in real time in three stages: after adsorption, before placement and after placement.

4. Exhaust station
The nozzle shaft can be automatically cleaned to save maintenance and cleaning man-hours. Supports micro components such as 0201.

5. Automatically identify optimization functions
It has the function of automatically generating identification data and tracking (e-Vision), and the function of easily generating data of complex-shaped components (intelligent identification), which can prevent adsorption or identification errors.

6. High adsorption maintenance system
Using a high-performance vacuum pump, combined with the automatic compensation function of the adsorption position and the automatic teaching function of the suction height, it can automatically maintain high adsorption performance.

Model Z:TA-R YSM40R
4-beam 4 placement head specifications (YSM40R-4) 2-beam 2 placement head specifications (YSM40R-2)
Target board size L700XW460mm~L50XW50mm
Mountable components Ultra-high speed (RS) placement head   0201*~6.5mmX6.5mm (Height less than 2.0mm) ※Optional
Multi-function (MU) placement head 03015~W55xL100mm (exceeding W45mm will be segmented and recognized), height below 15mm 0402~45X100mm (height less than 15mm)
Special-shaped (FL) placement head 0603~45X100mm (height less than 25.5mm)
Mounting ability (our company’s best conditions) 200,000CPH (RS placement head specification) 58.000CPH (MU placement head specifications)
Placement accuracy
※When our company’s optimal conditions are used (using standard components for evaluation)
Number of feeders that can be installed 80 RS placement heads (maximum, converted to 8mm tape)
88 MU placement heads (maximum, converted to 8mm tape)
84 RSX2+MUX2 placement heads (maximum, converted to 8mm tape)
92 MU and FL placement heads (up to 8mm tape)
Power Specifications Three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V+10% Three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416V+10%
Supply air source Above 0.45MPa, clean and dry Above 0.45MPa, clean and dry
Dimensions L1,000XW2,100XH1,550mm (excluding protrusions) L1,000XW2,100XH1,550mm (excluding protrusions)
Body weight About 2.100kg About 2.100kg

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