Applications of SMT and THT equipment in the aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is a key area of technological advancement, requiring products with excellent reliability, stability and performance. In order to meet these requirements, the assembly and connection technology of electronic devices plays a vital role. This article explores the specific applications of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through Hole Technology (THT) equipment in the aerospace industry and their role in delivering high-quality aerospace products.

1. Application of SMT equipment in aerospace industry

(a) Micro component assembly: SMT equipment enables precise placement of micro components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). In the aerospace industry, spacecraft and satellites are often limited in size, requiring small-sized electronic components. SMT technology effectively meets this need by installing miniature sensors, microprocessors and microcontrollers in limited space.

(b) High-density assembly: SMT machines realize high-density component layout and enhance PCB performance and functionality. In avionics systems, high-density packaging is critical to reducing device size and weight and increasing signal transmission speeds. SMT technology enables compact designs of complex circuit boards, providing more space for other important components in aerospace vehicles.

(c) Automated production: SMT equipment provides highly automated manufacturing solutions to achieve efficient and fast production processes. In the aerospace field, large-scale production of high-quality electronic devices is required due to complex projects and stringent requirements. The automation features of SMT equipment make mass production possible while ensuring product consistency and reliability.

2. Application of THT equipment in aerospace field

(a) High-power component connections: Aerospace electronic systems often involve high-power components such as power modules, amplifiers, and drivers. These components are typically larger and require high current delivery. THT devices provide stable connections under extreme conditions, ensuring reliable connections between high-power components and PCBs.

(b) Resistance to vibration and shock: Aerospace vehicles experience strong vibration and shock during launch and flight. The soldered connections of THT devices are typically stronger and can maintain stability in harsh environmental conditions, ensuring proper operation of electronic devices during aerospace missions.

(c) High temperature performance: THT welding usually uses high temperature solder to maintain excellent welding strength in high temperature environments. In the aerospace industry, spacecraft encounter high temperature shocks when re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere. THT equipment adapts to such extreme conditions to ensure the stability and performance of electronic components.

3. Combined application of SMT and THT technology

In many aerospace electronic devices, SMT and THT technologies are often combined to give full play to their respective advantages. For example, a complex aerospace circuit board may contain both small-footprint SMT components and high-power THT components. This combination ensures a high-density layout while maintaining reliable connections for high-power components.

In conclusion

SMT and THT turnkey solutions play an integral role in the aerospace industry. SMT equipment is good at achieving miniaturization and high-density assembly, which is suitable for the lightweight and high-performance requirements of aerospace electronic systems. On the other hand, THT equipment meets the connection needs of high-power devices and ensures the stable operation of electronic equipment under extreme environmental conditions. By integrating SMT and THT technologies, aerospace electronic equipment can operate reliably in extreme environments, contributing to the technological progress and development of the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry also has a small volume and has high requirements on product safety and reliability. So the options for inspection equipment and welding equipment are very demanding.

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