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PCBA Inspection Equipment

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) Inspection Equipment inspects and analyzes components and soldering quality on assembled PCBs, which is essential for ensuring the reliability and performance of electronic products.

Common Inspection Equipment

  1. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) useshigh-resolution cameras and image processing to detect defects such as poor solder joints and missing or misaligned components.
  2. Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI)Uses X-rays to inspect hidden solder joints, which is especially useful for BGA and CSP packages.
  3. Automatic Electrical Testing (ATE):Applies different voltages and currents to test component functionality and circuit connectivity.
  4. Flying Probe Testing:Non-contact testing method using probes to check circuit connectivity and resistance.
  5. Laser Scanner:Scans PCB to detect component dimensions, positions, and board geometry.
  6. 3D X-ray Inspection:Provides three-dimensional images for complex defect analysis.
  7. In-Circuit Test (ICT):Tests individual components for connectivity and functionality before soldering.
  8. Functional Test (FCT):Verifies the overall functionality of the PCB after soldering.
  9. Solder Paste Inspection (SPI):Inspects the quality of solder paste application, including volume, position, and distribution.
  10. Environmental Stress Screening (ESS):Simulates ecological conditions like temperature cycles, vibration, and humidity to test PCB reliability.

PCBA inspection equipment significantly improves product quality and reliability, reducing rework and repair costs.

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