SMT Line

V320 Series

Large field of view automatic optical inspection machine, the quality defender in front of the wave soldering furnace
Octavia’s large field of view AOI–V320 is suitable for pre-wave soldering furnace inspection. It can promptly intercept defects such as errors, leaks, reflections, and deviations on component surfaces, reduce maintenance costs, and improve product yields.

Product Description

Online continuous non-stop board inspection with a large field of view, one phase acquisition can cover the entire board inspection
AI automatic programming, automatic matching detection algorithm, automatic identification of component polarity
Real-time detection, instant display of detection results
Automatically switch programs without manual loading
Rich SPC inspection data analysis helps improve and enhance process quality
Intelligent voice and buzzer alarm prompts, real-time broadcast by bit number
Reminder of major defects to avoid mistaken confirmation of defects

Structural features: (dual-screen display, flexible installation)
Equipped with dual displays, taking into account both programming and review
Multiple resolution adjustments to adapt to different detection scenarios
Adjustable height and depth, high adaptability
The left and right sides of the secondary screen can be freely switched to adapt to the flow of the production line.
Compact and leap-forward design, no need to modify the original production line
Detachable universal wheel base for flexible installation

Technical advantages:
deep learning algorithm
Based on big data machine learning, component polarity is accurately identified and minimalist programming is achieved.

Feature Analysis Algorithm
Automatically extract local features to effectively deal with complex and changeable detection scenarios.

Intelligent image recognition
Extract PCB samples for sampling analysis to achieve high-speed non-stop inspection.

Color difference analysis algorithm
Differential analysis of color and brightness solves the difficulty in detecting defects such as local damage and wrong holes.

template matching algorithm
Automatically extract component templates, match and automatically detect defects such as missing parts, wrong parts, skews, etc.

Search detection algorithm
Automatically scan local defects to effectively deal with scenarios where the defect location is not fixed.

Device Model V320
Image system camera 12MP/31 MPI industrial camera
resolution 40μm-85μm adjustable
light source LED surface light source
Board feeding mechanism Orbital height No track, supports production line height 700-1000mm
Incoming board flow direction. Dual flow
Hardware Configuration operating system Win10
way of communication Ethernet, SMEMA
power supply Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
weight 100kg
Machine size L605*D(1350-1750)*H(1577-1877)mm(excluding lamp)
Check PC CB specifications Maximum test board size 12MP: Width 160mm (40um), 240mm (60um), 350mm (85um), no limit to length
31MP: Width 290mm (45um), 388mm (60um), 540mm (85um), no limit to length
Minimum test board size 50*50mm
Check item Check components Missing parts, wrong parts, reversed parts, multiple parts, skew, offset, etc.
Check speed 100-200ms/FOV

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