SMT Line

V5200 Series

It can directly handle online inspection with the inspection surface facing downward after wave soldering, without turning the board over, saving space and improving production line efficiency.

Product Description

Online inspection of AOI for DIP after furnace

PCB size: 50mm*50mm-510mm*510mm
PCB thickness: ≤ 6.0mm
Imaging system:
5MP/12MP industrial camera
telecentric lens
4-color ring programmable LED light source
5MP: 24.5 μm, 15 μm;
12MP: 15 μm


Test items
Component categories: Wrong parts, missing parts, polarity, offset, tombstone, reversed, damaged, IC bent legs, foreign matter
Solder type: Wuxi, less/more tin, bridge, false solder, solder ball
Pin types: Wuxi, less/more tin, holes, false soldering, solder balls, bridges

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