SMT Line

V5300, V5300XL series

The upper and lower sides are inspected at the same time. One machine completes the inspection of two machines, simplifying the process and saving factory space. The dual cameras move synchronously and asynchronously interlock imaging to avoid interference from the upper and lower light sources.
Optional wheel-type carrier board mode is more resistant to high temperature, dirt and heavy load, and meets the requirements of wave soldering process
Pad positioning, FOV positioning and feature point algorithm provide powerful solder joint inspection capabilities
CPU pin-specific algorithm accurately captures various defects such as pin bending, deformation, and missing pins

Product Description

Technical advantages:
Automatic pin programming
Use big data + AI deep learning algorithm to identify components with one click.

AI intelligent judgment
Based on the big data training model, deep learning algorithms are used to automatically identify and reduce manual participation.

Component-level pad positioning +FOV assisted positioning technology
For flexible boards, component-level pad positioning is used to effectively solve false positives and false negatives caused by board bending deformation;
Using FOV overall positioning for non-flexible boards can ignore the interference of silk screen, printed lines, etc. on the board, and can easily realize pad positioning to ensure detection accuracy.

DIP solder joint special algorithm
Equipped with special algorithms for hand-inserted and machine-inserted DIP solder joint detection.


Special feature:
Centralized management
Using AO1 in the centralized management production line can realize remote review, offline programming and debugging updates.

Double code binding
Double-panel technology only requires a barcode on one side, and the double-panel test results can be automatically bound.

SPC warning
Monitor the production quality of the production line in real time, provide timely feedback on abnormal conditions, and prevent defective batches from flowing out.

Automatic line change by scanning QR code
Automatically adjusts the width and calls the program by recognizing the PCB barcode, eliminating the need for manual participation and supporting MES command implementation.

Major bad mistakes
Effectively prevent key components and critical defects from flowing out.

Output the entire image
At the end of the test, the entire board image is output, including the component area and the component-free area, to meet the later quality traceability requirements.

Device Model Camera V5300 V5300XL
imaging system resolution 5MP/12MP industrial camera
FOV 5MP camera: 24μm, 15μm; 12MP camera: 15μm
lens 60*49mm (5MP, 24μm); 60*45mm (12MP, 15um)
light source telecentric lens
X/Y motion 4-color ring-shaped programmable LED light source (RGBW)
Board feeding mechanism Track width adjustment method AC servo AC servo dual drive
Track type auto-adjust
Incoming board flow direction Belt (standard), optional wheel
fixed rail Left to right or right to left (factory setting)
operating system front rail
Hardware Configuration way of communication Win 10
power supply Ethernet, SMEMA
air pressure Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
Orbital height 0.4-0.6Mpa
weight 900+20mm (standard), 740+20mm optional
Machine size 900kg 1000kg
size L1045*D1370*H1570mm (without lamp) L1200*D1370*H1570mm (without lamp)
Check PCB specifications Board weight 50*50-510*510mm 50*50-650*610mm
Temperature resistant ≤10kg (optional wheel: s30kg)
thickness ≤60°C (optional wheel: s150°C)
clear height 0.6-6mm (optional wheel disc: s6.0mm)
Board edge The upper clear height is adjustable from 25-85mm, and the lower clear height is adjustable from 25-80mm.
Component class 3.0mm
Check item Solder type Wrong parts, missing parts, polarity, deviation, flipped parts, damage, IC bent legs, foreign objects, monuments, etc.
Check components Missing pins, tin holes, no tin, less than one tin, no pins, false soldering, exposed copper, solder balls, connected tin, etc.
Check speed Chip: 03015 and above; LSI: 0.3mm pitch and above: Others: special-shaped components
Check speed 200-250ms/FOV

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