SMT Line

Solder paste automatic optical inspection machine, benchmark SPI–lcon series

High precision: Intelligent zero reference technology makes measurement data more accurate and can cope with plate bending problems
High detection: The combination of 3D + color feature algorithm can effectively detect defects such as tin wire short circuit, broken tin, and pull points that are difficult to detect in industries.
High speed: Industry-leading detection speed, flexible combination of multiple optical configurations, taking into account accuracy and performance
Anti-interference: can cope with the detection needs of PCBs of different colors. The blackboard and whiteboard can adaptively adjust parameter detection. Easy programming: programming is simple and fast, and programming can be completed quickly with or without Gerber.
Assisting process: Rich SPC testing data analysis helps to improve and enhance process quality
Optical principles and measured defects:
Using phase-shift projection method, the height information of the object can be accurately restored.

Product Description

Special feature:
Powerful SPC
Rich and intuitive data charts can meet the needs of data statistics and quality analysis improvement of the production line.

Gold finger detection
It can detect tin-contaminated gold fingers or defects in foreign matter before passing through the furnace to prevent defects from flowing to the later stages.

Error warning and CPK real-time monitoring
It can set shutdown standards for different projects, monitor the production quality of the production line, and provide timely feedback on abnormal situations.

Major bad mistakes
Major defective types of key pads or components can be controlled to prevent major defects from flowing out.


iFactory Solutions smart factory solutions:
Process Problem Analysis–Three Points of Photography
Octavia has a complete line of visual inspection solutions for SP1, AOI in front of the furnace and A0I behind the furnace. The inspection data of each work station can be obtained. Through three-point photography,
Analyze the root cause of product problems (printing → SMT → reflow soldering), engineers can quickly locate the problem, and the iFactory process analysis system
Targeted improvement suggestions will also be given to help formulate improvement measures, so that inspection equipment can move from helping customers intercept defects to helping customers diagnose
Defects, thereby improving defects and improving the yield rate of the production line.

Remote control RRS
The remote re-judgment center can realize remote monitoring of production conditions, re-judgment and centralized management, effectively saving human resources.

Equipment Model Icon Icon-D
imaging system camera 5MP/12MP industrial camera
resolution 5MP camera: 15μm, 20um; 12MP camera: 5.5μm, 10um, 12μm, 15um
height resolution 0.37μm
light source 3-color ring-shaped programmable LED light source (RGB)
Height measurement method Structured grating
Board feeding mechanism exercise system AC servo
abutment marble
Track width adjustment method auto-adjust
Track type belt
Incoming board flow direction Left to right or right to left (factory setting)
fixed rail Front rail fixed 1 rail fixed (can be set to 1, 3 or 1, 4 fixed)
Hardware Configuration operating system Win 10
way of communication Ethernet, SMEMA
power supply Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Orbital height 900+20mm
Machine size L1000*D1360*H1 620mm (excluding lamp)
weight 950kg 1000kg
Measurement parameters Test board size 50*50-510*610mm Dual track enabled: 50*50-510*320mm
Monorail enabled: 50*50-510*580mm
Board edge 3mm
Maximum measuring height 600μm
Minimum pad spacing 100μm (at 150μm height)
Maximum solder paste test size 20*20mm
Minimum solder paste test size 0.1mm
GR&R ≤10%
Test items Pointing, less tin, more tin, average height, offset, continuous tin, poor shape, copper leakage, golden fingers, etc.
Detection speed 400-450ms/FOV

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