SMT Line

A1000 Series

Octavia Online AOI-A1000 series is suitable for high-precision, high-speed online inspection in front of and behind SMT furnaces. It has industry-leading positioning technology feature detection algorithms and AI technology, which is easy to use and powerful.

Product Description

AI-based automatic programming, easy to use and quick to debug
The powerful algorithm logic creates powerful solder joint inspection capabilities
The whole series adopts marble platform and telecentric lens, which ensures stable operation and high-definition imaging.
Rich SPC inspection data analysis helps improve and enhance process quality

Technical advantages:
AI automatic programming
AI-driven automatic programming, intelligent identification of components, and one-click generation of regular components and inspection items are simple and easy to use, and the programming time is greatly shortened.

AI+feature analysis technology
Based on years of rich experience in feature algorithm detection, combined with the AI model trained on massive data, it has created a powerful detection capability that can accurately identify the bad features of various components and solder joints.

Based on pad positioning technology, detection parameters are directly connected to IPC standards
Based on pad positioning technology, it can output quantitative offset data, and the detection standards are connected to IPC, so the detection results are well-founded. Offset: IPC-A-610-G-Class 3 component solder terminal offset from the pad part
Exceeding 25% of the weld end width is not acceptable.

Special feature:
SPC warning
Monitor the production quality of the production line in real time, provide timely feedback on abnormal conditions, and prevent defective batches from flowing out.

Unmanned production line
Paired with a cache machine, one person can achieve centralized review and maintenance of multiple machines, improving personnel mobility and efficiency.

Device Model A1000 A1000D A1000XL
Image System camera 5MP/12MP industrial camera
resolution 5MP camera: 15μm, 10um; 12MP camera: 15μm, 12μm, 10um, 6.3μm
FOV 37*30mm (5MP, 15μm); 60*45mm (12MP, 15μm)
lens Telecentric lenses
light source 4-Color ring-shaped programmable LED light source (RGBW)
Motion mechanism X/Y motion AC Servo AC servo dual drive
abutment Marble
Track width adjustment method Auto adjust
Track type Belt
Incoming board flow direction Left to right or right to left (factory setting)
fixed rail Single rail: 1 rail fixed; Double rail: 1 rail fixed (can be set to 1. 3 or 1, 4 fixed)
Hardware Configuration operating system Win 10
way of communication Ethernet,SMEMA
power supply Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Orbital height 900+20mm
Machine size L935*D1360*H1570mm (without lamp) L1125*D1360*H1570mm (without lamp)
weight 900kg 950kg 1100kg
Check PCB specifications size 50*60-510*610mm Monorail enabled: 50*60-510*580mm
Dual track enabled: 50*60-510*320mm
thickness 0.6-6.0mm
Board weight ≤3kg
clear height The upper clear height is adjustable from 25-60mm, and the lower clear height is 45mm.
Board edge 3.0mm
Check item Component class Wrong parts, missing parts, polarity, deviation, flipped parts, damage, IC bent legs, foreign objects, monuments, etc.
Solder type Wuxi, less/more tin, virtual soldering, bridging, solder balls, etc.
Check components Chip: 03015 and above; LSI: 0.3mm pitch and above; Others: special-shaped components
Check speed 180-200ms/FOV

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