SMT Line

SMT Production Line

An SMT (Surface-Mounted Technology) production line is automated for assembling and soldering electronic components onto PCBs. The introduction of SMT lines has greatly enhanced manufacturing efficiency and precision while reducing labour and production costs.

Components and Process

  1. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI):Checks component placement and solder defects.
  2. X-ray Inspection:Examines internal solder joints of BGA and CSP packages.
  3. Flying Probe Tester:Checks PCB connectivity and shorts.
  4. Wave Solder Machine:Soldering for through-hole components.
  5. Selective Solder Machine:Targeted soldering of specific areas.
  6. Solder Paste Mixer:Ensures uniform paste consistency.
  7. Solder Paste Printer:Applies solder paste on PCBs.
  8. Pick and Place Machine:Precisely places components on PCBs.
  9. Reflow Oven:Soldering of placed components.
  10. Cleaning Machine:Cleans PCBs post-soldering.
  11. Conformal Coating Machine:Applies protective coating on PCBs.
  12. Automatic Insertion Machine:Inserts through-hole components.
  13. Board Separator:Separates assembled PCBs into individual units.
  14. Glue Dispenser:Applies adhesive to secure components.
  15. In-Circuit Test (ICT):Tests electrical performance before soldering.
  16. Functional Test (FCT):Simulates final application to test functionality.
  17. Conveyor System:Transports PCBs through the production line.
  18. ESD Protection Equipment:Minimizes static damage to components.
  19. Humidity and Temperature Controller:Ensures optimal production environment.
  20. SMT Data Generation Software:Generates placement data for machines.

SMT production lines can be customized to meet specific requirements, integrating more automation and intelligent features to enhance efficiency and quality.

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