SMT Line

VX2000 Series

Octavia 3D AXI-VX2000 is suitable for online non-destructive testing of SMT, DIP, and semiconductor IGBT, covering BGA/LGA/CSPSOP/OFP/QFN, transistors, R/C chips, bottom electrode components, power modules, POP, connectors, Inspection of THT insertion components, semiconductor IGBT welding layers and other packaging types.

Product Description

High-speed flying shooting mode, the detection speed can reach up to 3 seconds/FOV
Multi-layer slicing detection technology, can cut up to 300 layers
The number and resolution of projections can be flexibly set to meet the needs of different scenarios.
XY, YZ, XZ three-view function enables more intuitive diagnosis of defects
Dual-drive linear motors are equipped with grating rulers to achieve high-precision positioning.

Detection principle:
High-speed flying photography and a 360° circular method are used to collect projection images, and three-dimensional reconstruction is carried out through a rapid analysis method, and then arbitrary faults are extracted for defect detection.

Technical advantages:
360° circular CT reconstruction technology
CT reconstruction technology using high-speed flying photography and 360° circular scanning is used to obtain complete volume data of the object to be detected, thereby enabling slice detection in any direction and multi-layer slice detection technology.

3D-CT image analysis function (optional)
Through the three-dimensional images generated by the 3D-CT image analysis function, more intuitive and high-precision defect diagnosis can be performed.

Flexible programming
The number of projection images and resolution can be flexibly set to meet the needs of different scenes.

Three view function
The three-view function with three slice directions improves the detection rate and helps maintenance station operators to diagnose defects more intuitively.

radiation safety
The “Basic Standards for Ionizing Radiation Protection and Radiation Source Safety” stipulates that the safety limit of radiation dose for workers is 20mSv/year.
The radiation leakage of VX2000 is <0.5μSv/h, which is about 0.18mSv/year, which is less than 1% of the national standard.

Device Model VX2000
imaging system CT image reconstruction method High-speed flying + 360° circular CT reconstruction technology
resolution 6μm, 8μm, 10um, 15μm, 20um, 25μm, 30um
Number of projections for CT reconstruction 32 photos, 64 photos, 128 photos, 256 photos, 512 photos, 1024 photos
X-ray source Hamamatsu Microfocus Ray Source
X-ray tube voltage and current 30-130KV, 10-300uA
X-ray receiving device CMOS flat panel detector
Motion mechanism X/Y operation control mode Dual drive linear motor + grating ruler position feedback
abutment marble
Track width adjustment method auto-adjust
Incoming board flow direction Left to right or right to left (factory setting)
Splint method Automatic splint
Hardware Configuration operating system Win10
way of communication Ethernet, SMEMA
power supply Single phase 220V, 50/60Hz, 5A
air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Orbital height 900*25mm
Machine size L1730*D1830*H2000mm (excluding lamp)
weight 3000kg
radiation safety Radiation leakage <0.5μSv/h
Check PCB specifications size 50*50-510*610mm
Warp +3mm (equipped with laser displacement meter for plate bending compensation)
Board weight s7kg
craft edge 3.0mm
Check item Detection element BGA/LGA/CSP, SOP/QFP/QFN, transistors, R/C chips, bottom electrode components, power modules, POP, connectors, THT insertion components, semiconductor IGBT soldering layers
Check for defects Bubbles, open soldering, no wetting, solder volume, offset, bridging, solder creep, through-hole solder filling, solder beads, etc.
Check ability Maximum number of slice layers 300 floors
Fastest checking speed 3s/FOV.

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