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With the continuous improvement of product processing technology, higher requirements are also put forward for the SMT machine.
In order to meet the requirements of industry development and better serve customers, Panasonic Industrial Co., Ltd. has continuously improved and developed the CM402 on the basis of the original CM402, creating a new generation of the king of the chip machine -CM602.
CM602 not only uses the original module of CM402, but also adds a 12-nozzle high-speed head and a direct suction tray according to needs, expanding the function of the original 8-nozzle high-speed pasting head.
In addition, the 3-nozzle multi-functional head with pressure control function makes it a variety of different module combinations up to 10 ways, a true sense of modularity, so that customers can be freely combined.
The high-speed version of CM602 has a maximum speed of CPH75,000, a single-patch head speed of CPH25,000, an area of production of 11,860cph/m2, and a maximum number of 216 varieties, which is unmatched by other equipment in the industry.

Product Description

Product features:
● The XY axis is equipped with the latest maglev to provide the most powerful power for the CM602.
● The new design and material of the moving arm beam and head not only reduce the weight, but also greatly strengthen the rigidity, so that it is in the process of movement
Medium more stable
● The movement of X and Y axis adopts high speed and low vibration design.
● The linear motor adopts a new cooling design scheme, which can be faster than other equipment using linear motors in the case of high-speed movement
Efficient cooling to ensure the motor’s operating efficiency and improve its life.
● 7 kinds of material rack can be used for all braid packaging components from 8mm to 104mm, which is the best commonality and widest applicability in the current industry
Universal device. And according to customer needs to add a new 8mm single rack.
● Rack exchange in operation, overall exchange truck design, overall exchange support pin design, etc., can greatly improve equipment operation efficiency and machine type
Switch the time.
● At the same time of improving production efficiency, the mature design of CM402 is followed in software, hardware and operation, to ensure the interoperability with CM402
Change sex.

Length after packaging (mm) 2350
Length and width after packaging (mm) 2290
Length and height after packing (mm) 1430
Long weight after packing (KG) 3400
PCB SIZE L 50 mm×W 50 mm~L 510 mm×W 460 mm
High Speed Nozzle Head: 12 NOZZLE HEAD nozzles
Placement speed 100000 cph (0.036 s/chip)
placement accuracy ±40 μm/chip (Cpk ≧1)
PCB SIZE 0402 chip *5~L 12 mm×W 12 mm×T 6.5 mm
Universal Nozzle Head: LS 8 nozzle head nozzle
Placement speed 75 000 cph (0.048 s/chip)
placement accuracy ±40μm/chip, ±35μm/QFP ≧ 24 mm, ±50μm/QFP < 24 mm (Cpk ≧1)
Component size 0402 chip *5~L 32 mm×W 32 mm×T 8.5 mm *8
Universal Ver.5 option 0402 chip *5~L 100 mm×W 50 mm×T 15 mm *6
Multifunctional placement Multifunctional nozzle head: 3 nozzles
Placement speed 20 000 cph (0.18 s/QFP)
placement accuracy ±35 μm/QFP(Cpk ≧1)
component dimension 0603 chip ~ L 100 mm × W 90 mm × T 25 mm *7
PCB EXCHANGE TIME m0.9 s (board length up to 240mm under optimum condition)
POWER SUPPLY Three-phase 3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480 V, 4.0 kVA
Pneumatic Source 1m 0.49 MPa, 170 L /min (A.N.R.)

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