How to operate the placement machine? Teach you how to use the placement machine quickly!

As an advanced electronic equipment, the placement machine plays an important role in the electronics manufacturing industry. If you want to improve production efficiency and quality, it is essential to learn to operate the placement machine. This article will introduce you how to operate the placement machine so that you can easily master the relevant skills. If you need to buy a placement machine, Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. will be your best choice!

  1. Basic principles and classification of placement machines

A chip mounter is an automated device used to accurately solder electronic components to circuit boards. Depending on the type of placement head, placement machines can be divided into fully automatic placement machines and semi-automatic placement machines. Fully automatic placement machines are usually equipped with visual recognition systems that can position and weld electronic components more accurately.

  1. Preparation work

Before operating the placement machine, you first need to make preparations. Preparation includes checking the status of the placement machine and cleaning the work area. Make sure there are no abnormalities in components such as the placement head and feeder, and clean the work surface to avoid dust from affecting the placement process.

  1. Debugging equipment

Before operating the placement machine, the equipment needs to be debugged. Debugging includes calibrating the speed of the feeder and the height of the placement head, as well as testing the accuracy and stability of the visual recognition system. By debugging the equipment, you can ensure the stability and accuracy of the equipment during its working process.

  1. Writing programs

The placement machine needs to write corresponding programs based on the location and specifications of the components on the circuit board. In the process of writing the program, factors such as the size, coordinates, and welding time of the components need to be considered. Properly written programs can improve placement efficiency and quality.

  1. Start patching

Once everything is ready, you can start patching. Put the electronic components into the feeder of the placement machine, start the placement machine program, and the placement machine will automatically identify, position and weld the components. During the placement process, attention needs to be paid to the height and speed of the placement head, as well as the accuracy of the visual recognition system.

  1. Quality inspection

After the placement is completed, the placement results need to be quality checked. Inspections include the quality of solder joints, correctness of components and deviations in position. Through quality inspection, problems can be discovered in time and corrected to improve product quality.

Summary: Mastering the operation skills of the placement machine can improve production efficiency and quality and promote the development of the electronic manufacturing industry. If you need to buy a placement machine, Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. will be your best choice! Through the tips and precautions introduced in this article, I believe you can easily control the placement machine! Act quickly and start your placement machine operation journey!

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