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Siemens placement machine-D1 series

Siemens SMT D1 series models are the perfect combination of technological innovation and mature technology.
In terms of performance and accuracy, it adopts innovative technologies that were previously only available in high-end Siemens solutions, including digital SIPLACE imaging system, SIPLACE flexible dual-rail system and powerful SIPLACE software. Although the Siemens placement machine D1 model is a single-arm placement machine, it can be equipped with one (SIPLACE D1S) or two (Siemens placement machine D1) placement heads according to customer needs.
What’s special about the SIPLACE D1 is that you can combine a 12-nozzle or 6-nozzle placement head with a pick-and-place head on the same arm (to place more complex components). On the lower-priced SIPLACE D1, you can only choose to use one of these placement heads. SIPLACE Di with its mature placement head, stable SIPLACE S-feeder and its powerful linear drive, Siemens placement The excellent flexibility and placement quality (01005 capability) of the chip processor D1 have made it the industry’s cost-effective leader.

Product Description

Types of placement head :
12-nozzle Collect & Place head (C&P12)
6-nozzle Collect & Place head (C&P6)
SIPLACE Pick&Place head (P&P)

Number of gantries:1

Placement head configuration and placementratea (Benchmark test):
Placement rate
C&P12 15,000 comp./hb
C&P6 9,800 comp./hb
P&P 2,400 comp./hb

Placement positions:
6,000 for the Collect&Place head
2,000 for the Pick&Place head

Range of components:
0.6 x 0.3 mm² (0201)c to 85 x 85 mm² or
max. 200 x 125 mm² (with restrictions)

Component height:
C&P12: 6 mm
C&P6: 8.5 mm
P&P: 19 mm

Placement accuracy /angular accuracy:
C&P12: ± 67.5 μm, ± 0.53° / (3σ), ± 90 μm, ± 0.71° / (4σ)(standard camera)
C&P12: ± 60 μm, ± 0.53° / (3σ), ± 80 μm, ± 0.71° / (4σ)(high-resolution camera)
C&P6: ± 52.5 μm, ± 0.225° / (3σ), ± 70 μm, ± 0.3° / (4σ)
P&P: ± 37.5 μm, ± 0.053° / (3σ), ± 50 μm, ± 0.071° / (4σ)(fine-pitch camera)
± 30 μm, ± 0.053° / (3σ), ± 40 μm, ± 0.071° / (4σ)(flip-chip camera)

Component feeding:
2 component changeover tables with tape reel holders and
integral waste containers,15 slots, 30 mm wide per changeover table or1 waffle-pack changer in place of one component changeover
table (location 1), 5 additional locations for 30 mm wide feeder modules

Feeder module types :
Tapes, bulk cases, stick magazines, application-specific OEM
feeder modules, surftape feeder modules (8, 12, 16 mm), waf
fle-pack tray in location 1

Feeding capacity:
30 tape feeder modules 3 x 8 mm S (90 tracks)
30 tape feeder modules 2 x 8 mm S (60 tracks)
30 tape feeder modules 12/16 mm S (30 tracks)
20 tape feeder modules 24/32 mm S (20 tracks)
14 tape feeder modules 44 mm S (14 tracks)
12 tape feeder modules 56 mm S (12 tracks)
10 tape feeder modules 72 mm S (10 tracks)
8 tape feeder modules 88 mm S (8 tracks)

a) According to the definition in the SIPLACE Scope of Service and Delivery
b) Single head machine on request
c) With 0201 package

PCB format(LxW):
Single conveyor
50 x 50 mm² to 460 x 460 mm²
50 x 80 mm² to 610 x 460 mm² (Long board option)
Width up to 508 mm for Wide board configuration

With PCB widths > 450 mm make
sure that the peripheral modules
are also able to process these widths.

Flexible dual conveyor
50 x 50 mm² to 460 x 216 mm²
50 x 80 mm² to 610 x 216 mm² (Long board option)
Width up to 242 mm for Wide board configuration

Flexible dual conveyor in Single conveyor mode
50 x 50 mm² to 460 x 380 mm²
50 x 80 mm² to 610 x 380 mm² (Long board option)
Width up to 430 mm for Wide board configuration

PCB thickness: 0.3 – 4.5 mm (thicker PCBs on request)

Siemens placement machine D1 parameters
Performance theoretical value up to  20,000CPH
IPC value up to  13.000CPH
Accuracy  ±30μm,+0.05?@3ð
PCB size single rail transmission  50×50 to 610x508mm
Dual-rail transmission  50×50 to 610x430mm
PCB thickness standard  0.3 to 4.5mm (others available on request)
Material supply  90 8mm rails
Component range  01005″-200x125mm
Quality pickup rate  >/=99.95%
DPM rate  Set power supply 200/208/230/ 380/ 400/ 415VAC ±5%, 50/60HZ  Air supply 5.5bar (0.55MPa)-10bar (1.0MPa)
Siemens placement machine D1  large size 1587x2636x1980mm (length x height x width)
Siemens SMT machine D1  mass 2325kg (basic machine with 2 feeders)

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