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Yamaha chip placement machine-YSM10 series

Combining high speed and versatility, it achieves the world’s fastest speed in its class. The entry-level model of the YSM series

High-speed universal integrated placement head does not need to be replaced. The placement head supports sizes within 03015~55mmx100mm.

Product Description

One platform combines 3 models of the YS12 series into one

1. The ultimate host with three major features:
1. High-speed universal integrated placement head, no need to replace the placement head
It adopts the same high-speed universal placement head as the high-end machine, and can handle ultra-small chips of 03015 (0.3mmx0.15mm) to large components of 55mmx100mm, covering a wide range.

2. The world’s No. 1 placement speed among similar products
By adopting the new servo system developed in high-end models and the lightweight and compact general-purpose placement head technology, the placement capacity is increased by 25% compared to traditional models, achieving the world’s fastest placement capacity of 46,000CPH for similar products.

3.1 Platforms
The YS12, which combines flexibility and productivity, the simplified version of the YS12P, and the YS12F3 model, which has excellent component compatibility, are integrated into the same platform. While maintaining small size and high speed, it achieves excellent component response capabilities and provides an entry-level alternative.

2. Flexible support for the production site:
1. Corresponding component size ※ If the component size exceeds W45mm, segmentation recognition, multi-vision camera, scanning camera

2.Multi-vision camera
It can perform high-speed and high-precision identification of components with dimensions exceeding 12mmx12mm or height exceeding 6.5mm.

3. Nozzle exchange station
Can automatically replace spare nozzles and special specifications nozzles.

4. Automatically replaceable pallet component supply device “SATS15”
The component tray can hold up to 15 components (when the tray spacing is 12.5mm)

5. Intelligent feeder
Supports YS series universal electric intelligent feeders “SS feeder” and “ZS feeder”

3. Realize the function of stable production
1. The side recognition function detects the presence or absence of components and the adsorption status of components without pause to prevent placement errors.

2. High adsorption capacity maintenance system
High adsorption performance can be maintained through the automatic compensation function of the adsorption position and the automatic teaching function of the suction height.

3. Standard supports CE marking
Designed to meet global safety standards.
※Representative names of safety standards required for equipment installed and used in Europe

4. Automatic generation of identification data and automatic proofreading function
Prevent adsorption and recognition errors from occurring through the simple creation function of complex-shaped component data (intelligent recognition) and the automatic creation and tracking function of recognition data (e-Vision).
Step 1: Read Image + Edit Shape
Step 2: Set recognition parameters
Step 3: Identification Test
Data production takes approximately 1 minute.

5. Exhaust station
Automatically cleans the nozzle shaft to keep the nozzle clean for a long time.
Use the automatic exhaust cleaning function to clean the nozzle and detect and prevent the use of abnormal nozzles.

Target substrate size L510xW460mm~L50 xW50mm
※With optional accessories, it can be used with L610mm substrate
Mountable components 03015~W55xL100mm (exceeding W45mm will be segmented and identified), height below 15mm
If the component height exceeds 6.5mm, or the component size exceeds 12mmx12mm, a multi-vision camera is required (optional configuration)
Mounting capacity HM mounting head (10 nozzles) specifications: 46.000CPH (under the company’s best conditions)
HM5 placement head (5 nozzles) specifications: 31.000CPH (under the company’s best conditions)
Mounting accuracy Our company’s best conditions (when using standard components for evaluation) +0.035mm (+0.025mm) Cpk≥1.0 (3 σ)
Number of feeders that can be installed fixed feeder rack: up to 96 (converted based on 8mm tape)
Pallets 15 types (maximum when equipped with SATS15, JEDEC)
Power supply specifications three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/3801400/416V+10% 50160Hz
Supply air source 0.45MPa or above, clean and dry
Overall dimensions L1,254 x W1,440 x H1,445mm
Main body weight about 1.270kg

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