SMT Line

Hanwha SMT machine-DECAN S1 series new generation medium speed SMT machine

Three major features:
Increase actual production capacity
Improve placement quality
Reduce throw rate
The equipment developed by focusing on significantly improving the three major indicators of the placement machine can meet various production requirements.

Product Description

Equipment performance advantages:
1. Possess extensive PCB processing capabilities among medium-speed placement machines
-Can produce PCBs of 1,500mm(L)x460mm(W) size

2. Expanding the scope of component recognition through high pixelation of Camera
03015~16mm Fly Camera can recognize the whole body

3. Improved simultaneous absorption rate
Automatically align the pocket position through communication between the device and the feeder

4. Improved the placement speed of special-shaped components
Optimization of action sequence recognition through Fix Camera increases speed by 25%

Enhanced operational convenience:
Shortened teaching time for large special-shaped components
Expanded FOV of FiducialCamera: 7.5mm → 12mm
Shorten the teaching time of component pick-up/placement points and improve the convenience of teaching

Maintain pick coordinates of shared feeder
When changing lines, the suction information of similar models is maintained to shorten the time of changing lines.

System-Chip component lighting level
The same lighting value can be set in batches to greatly reduce lighting change time and eliminate the need for
The difference in production capacity improves the convenience of component database management

Supports Multi-Vendor components*
One PartName can be used to manage the same components from two manufacturers. For components with different vendors, production can continue without changing the PCB program.

Convenient for teaching large components (Panorama View)
Large components that are out of the camera’s field of view (FOV) are segmented and identified, and then the segmented component images are merged into one image for display.
-Easy to teach the pickup/mounting position of large componentsStable placement of microchips:
Run Time Calibration
Placement accuracy can be maintained through automatic correction during the production process

Maintain pick-up and placement quality through Nozzle Maintenance unit
Measurements: Measure Nozzle vacuum flow and measure spring tension
High-pressure Blow cleaning: remove foreign matter on Nozzle
Re-measure: Determine whether to re-operate and replace the defective nozzle

Able to quickly produce new products and first articles
When a component identification error occurs during the first article production process, the component information and PCB coordinates are edited without discarding the material, and then the component is mounted.
Zero component waste/quick line change/produce high-quality products from the first piece

Semi-Extend Mode
When producing Array PCB, ExtendMode is used to maintain high production capacity and Non-Extend Mode is used to manage placement coordinates to facilitate teaching.

Specifications (model) DECAN S1 series
Model Name Decan S1 Series
Alignment Fly Camera + Fix Camera
The number of spindles 10 spindles x 1 Gantry
Placement Speed 47,000 CPH (Optimum)
Chip  ±28 μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0
QFP  ±30 μm @ Cpk≥ 1.0
Fly Camera 03015~□16mm
Fly Camera ~□42mm (Standard)
L55mm~L75mm Connector (MFOV)
Max. Height 10mm (Fly), 15mm (Fix)
PCB Size
Max. Baseline L510xW510
Options ~Max.L1,500xW460,L1,500xW510
PCB Thickness (mm) 0.38~4.2
Feeder Capacity(8 mm Baseline) Baseline 60ea/56ea (Fixed feederbase / Docking Cart)
Options 120ea/112ea (Fixed feederbase / Docking Cart)
Utility Power 3Phase AC200/208/220/240/380/415V
Max. 3.5kVA
Air Consumption 5.0~7.0kgf/cm²
50Nℓ/min(Vacuum pump)
Weight (H900 mm Baseline) Approx. 1,600 kg
External Dimension(Baseline) 1,430(L)x1,740(D) x1,485(H) mm
If the PCB length is 1,500mm, the minimum PCB size is 150mmx90mm.

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