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Hanwha SMT Machine-SM485 Series

The SM485 is a general-purpose profile mounter consisting of four high-speed heads and a high-precision head with a pressure control and backlight module. It can not only mount small components, but also precision mount special-shaped components.
From 0402 micro Chip to □55mmIC(H26cm),150mm long strip class, shield Bare Chip, plug-in components and other special components can be mounted. And no need to add devices only
One device can also correspond to Chip to special-shaped components to achieve reliable mounting and achieve mounting management of a variety of components.

Product Description

Equipment introduction (main functions and features) Suitable for plug-in components corresponding solutions:
In order to more accurately mount different height shaped components, the device is equipped with a variety of claw suction nozzle and pressure control functions. The pressure control function allows accurate mounting of plug-in components and BareChip that require adjustment of mounting pressure.

Multiple component identification lighting device:
For the shield with more irregular reflection, the shadow of the component can be identified by backlight lighting to mount the shield more accurately. In addition, for more accurate identification of the pins of plug-in components, the device also supports laser lighting options.

Model Name SM485 Series
Alignment Fly Camera
+ Fix Camera
Number of Spindles 4+1 Spindes x 1 Gantry
Placement Speed 22,000CPH (Optimum)
PlacementAccuracy Chip  ±40μm@+3σ
IC, QFP  ±30μm@+3σ
* Fly Camera chip IC, Connector
** Fix Camera IC, ConnectorBGA, CSP □16mm~□42mm (Standard)
□42mm~□55mm (MFOV)
Connector (MFOV)
Max. Height 15mm (Fly)
26mm (Fix)
SM471 PLUS, SM481 PLUS, SM485 Fly Camera: Mega FOV 24mm fiducial marking parameters (SM482 PLUS Fly Camera: Mega FOV 25mm fiducial marking parameters)
SM481 PLUS, SM482 PLUS, SM485 Fix Camera: Mega FOV 45mm datum marking parameters (Mega FOV 35mm: Option)
***SM482 PLUS can mount 0402~□ 14mm components when using Fly Camera Mega FOV 16mm
PCB Size(mm) Min. L50xW40*
Max. Single Lane ~L460xW400 (baseline)
Dual Lane
PCB Thickness 0.38~4.2
FeederCapacity(8mm Baseline) 120ea/112ea (Docking Cart)
Utiity Power AC200/208/220/240/380/415V(50/60Hz,3Phase)
Air Consumption 0.5~0.7MPa (5.0~7.0kgf/cm²)
50Nℓ/min (Baseline)
Mass (H900 mm Baseline) Approx. 1,600 kg
External Dimension(Baseline) L1,650 x D1,680 x H1,530 mm
If the PCB length exceeds 740mm, the minimum width of the PCB should be 65 mm;

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