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Jintuo-wave soldering SMART350-SMART450-SMART610 series

Warm up the new plan:
Hot air preheating is modified into a U-shaped heating unit, which has a long service life and reduces downtime and maintenance time; internal reinforced insulation plus optional external insulation measures can effectively reduce heat loss and save more than 20% of energy compared with the original model; equipment table overflow Low degree of professionalism and good working environment.

Product Description

External spray to solve safety, cost, space and maintenance issues

The external spray combines the advantages of the built-in and independent spray methods. It can be controlled in one place without increasing costs. It keeps the spray away from the preheating area and eliminates fire hazards. The inside of the furnace body is free from interference from flux, and the electrical box is safe and clean.
The transportation adopts new titanium alloy heavy-duty claws and segmented guide rail design. There are stainless steel bars in the guide rail to support long service life; the tin furnace is made of special materials and has anti-corrosion treatment on the surface; it adopts imported precision nozzles to achieve uniform atomization and high efficiency.

Tin furnace greatly improved:
The nozzle can be quickly disassembled and assembled, reducing maintenance time from 2 hours to a few minutes;
Filter-type design facilitates maintenance; optional tin level replenishment device reduces the impact of changes in tin level on wave crest height;

Model Wave soldering SMART-350-M series SMART-350-H series SMART-450-M series Wave soldering SMART-450-H series Wave soldering SMART-610-H series
Dimensions (LxWxH)  3945*1582*1735 (LxWxH) 4445*1582*1735 (LxWxH) 3945*1582*1735 (LxWxH) 4445*1582*1735 (LxWxH) 4445*1742*1735
External spray dimensions MM (L*W*H) 1300*1350*1595mm 1300*1350*1595mm 1300*1350*1595mm 1300*1350*1595mm 1400*1742*1735mm
power supply AC380V 3Φ5W 50/60Hz( 0ption:AC 220V3P 50/60Hz ) AC380V 3Φ5W 50/60Hz(0ption:AC 220V3P 50/60Hz optional) AC380V 3Φ5W 50/60Hz(0ption:AC 220V3P 50/60Hz optional) AC380V 3Φ5W 50/60Hz(0ption:AC 220V3P 50/60Hz optional) AC380V 3Φ5W 50/60Hz(0ption:AC 220V3P 50/60Hz optional)
Working power 80KW/8KW 90KW/8.5KW 80KW/9KW 90KW/9.5KW 130KW/11.5KW
total power 37KW 43KW 37KW   43KW 64KW
Air source power requirements 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.5-0.8Mpa 0.5-0.8Mpa
flux flow 10~100ml/min 10~100ml/min 10~100ml/min 10~100ml/min 10~100ml/min
Exhaust duct diameter Φ200 mm Φ200mm Φ200mm Φ200mm Φ200mm
Exhaust air volume and ventilation method Upward Upward Upward Upward Upward
Preheating method IR/Hot Air IR/Hot Air IR/Hot Air Infrared/Hot Air hot selection IR/Hot Air   IR/Hot Air
Number of preheating zones 3 Zones/1800mm 4 Zones/2280mm 3 Zones/1800mm 4 Zones/2280mm 4 Zones/2280mm
pre-heat temperature RoomTemp.~280 °C RoomTemp.~280 °C RoomTemp.~280 °C Room temperature RoomTemp.~280 °C RoomTemp.~280 °C
Temperature control mode PID+SSR PID+SSR PID+SSR PID+SSR PID+SSR
Tin furnace type Mechanical Pump Mechanical Pump Mechanical Pump Mechanical Pump Mechanical Pump
Tin furnace capacity (tin specific gravity 7.5) Approx.480kg Approx.480kg Approx.550kg Approx.550kg Approx.800kg
Tin furnace maximum temperature MAX :300°C MAX:300°C MAX:300°C MAX:300°C MAX:300°C
Peak driving power 1/4 HP x2 1/4 HP x2 1/2 HP x2 1/2 HP x2 1/2HP x1,1HP x1
Wave crest height adjustment method  Inverter Inverter Inverter   Inverter Inverter
Tin furnace heating time Approx.150min (setting: 250°C) Approx.150min(setting:250°C) Approx.150min(setting:250°C) Approx.150min(setting:250°C) Approx.150min(setting:250°C)
PCB transfer speed 300~1800mm/min 300~1800mm/min 300~1800mm/min 300~1800mm/min 300~1800mm/min
PCB board width range 50-350mm 50-350mm 50-450mm 50-450mm 50-610mm
PCB board component height Top:120mm,Bottom:25mm Top:120mm,Bottom:25mm Top:120mm,Bottom:25mm Top:120mm,Bottom:25mm Top:120mm,Bottom:25mm
transport height 750±20mm (Entrance) 750±20mm (entrance) 750±20mm (entrance) 750±20mm (entrance) 750±20mm (entrance)
Transport rail inclination angle 4°~7° Adjustable 4°~7° Adjustable 4°~7° Adjustable 4°~7° adjustable Adjustable 4°~7° adjustable Adjustable
Speed control method Inverter Inverter Inverter Inverter Inverter
cooling method Forced AirCooling (Opiton chiller) Forced AirCooling (Opiton chiller) Forced AirCooling (Opiton chiller) Forced AirCooling (Opiton chiller) Forced AirCooling (Opiton chiller)
Nitrogen system SMART-350-M-N SMART-350-H-N SMART-450-M-N SMART-450-H-N SMART-610-H-N
Nitrogen consumption 15m3/h 1000ppm the following 15m3/h 1000ppm or less 15m3/h 1000ppm or less 15m3/h 1000ppm or less 15m3/h 1000ppm or less
Nitrogen gas source pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa
Oxygen content of nitrogen gas source ≤10PPM
Nitrogen analyzer Option

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