SMT Line

JUKI KE-2070

The placement machine is an automated equipment used for placement of electronic components. It is mainly used to accurately mount small electronic components (such as integrated circuits, capacitors, inductors, etc.) onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). The placement machine removes the component from the feeder, accurately positions it to a predetermined position, and uses heat or mechanical force to fix it on the PCB. The automation features of the placement machine make the component placement process faster, more accurate and more efficient, greatly improving the production efficiency of electronic products.

The SMT placement machine is at the heart of quality manufacturing, accurately positioning electronic components onto the PCB. It utilises a computer-guided mechanism to extract components from the feeder and accurately place them on the board, ensuring top assembly accuracy.

Product Description

Type JUKI KE-2070
Machine Dimension M type:1,400×1,393×1,455mm
L type:1,500×1,500×1,455mm
Package Weight(KG) 1530 KG
Board size M-type substrate (330 x 250mm), L-type substrate (410 x 360mm), L-Wide substrate (110mm x 360mm option)
Component height 6mm / 12mm
Componentsize laser centering 0.4×0.2mm(Inch 01005)~□33.5mm,Vision centering(MNVC ),Standard camera:3mm~33.5,Precision camera:1.0×0.5mm~□20mm
Placement speed Optimal conditions: 0.155 sec/chip (23,300 CPH)
CHIP pieces 25000CPH(IPC9850)
Placement speed Laser laser recognition:±0.05mm(±3σ),image recognition:±0.04mm(±3σ)
Feeder inputs Mechanical feeder:80 species (8MM)

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