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Siemens placement machine-D4 series

SIPLACE D4 is a very powerful performance machine, has 4 arms and 12 suckers, can’t reach 50 micrometers of accuracy, and can be purchased for 01005 original items. SIPLACE D4 is a high-speed purchasing machine that combines high performance and high precision.

Ximens SIPLACE D4 high-speed purchasing machine comes from a high-speed purchasing machine, with its short usage time, protection and great features, and the ability to reuse it, extending its service life, improving precision, and improving its fixability. .

Product Description

Size and installation conditions
Basic equipment length  2380 mm
Exhibition case  1960 mm
Unlimited exhibition area  1540 mm
Basic equipment performance 2416 mm
Inclusive monitor 2466 mm
Number of keys  2491 mm
Equipment altitude
Warning light  max. 1,813 mm
Opening the opening of the defense 1800mm(PCB transfer rail 830mm)
1920mm (PCB transfer guide 900mm)
1950mm (PCB transfer guide 930mm)
1973 mm (PCB transfer rail 950 mm)
Equipment distance 110mm (PCB transfer rail 830mm)
180mm (PCB transfer guide 900mm)
210 mm (PCB transfer guide 930 mm)
233 mm (PCB transfer rail 950 mm)
Placement speed:
IPC value 57.000 comp./h
Nominal value 66,000 comp./h
Theoretical value 81.500 comp./h
Component range 01005 -18.7×18.7 mm²
Position accuracy ±50μm (3σ), ±67μm (4σ)
Angle accuracy ±0.53°(3σ), ±0.71°(4σ)
Feeder module types: tape feeder module, tubular bulk feeder, bulk feeder and other customized feeder modules
Feeder capacity 44 stations, using 3x8mm S feeder
PCB board size up to 610×508 mm²
PCB board thickness 0.3-4.5 mm (other sizes can be customized upon request)
PCB board weight max. 3kg
max. 3kg 5 layer illumination light


Machine DescriptionTechnical Data
Types of placement head 12-nozzle Collect & Place head (C&P12)
Number of gantries 4
Placement ratea(Benchmark test) 66,000 comp./h
Placement positions 6,000 / gantry
Range of components  0.4 x 0.2 mm² (01005) b, 0.6 x 0.3 mm² (0201)cto 18.7 x 18.7 mm²
Max. component height 6 mm
Placement accuracy / angularaccuracy Camera type 28: ± 60 μm, ± 0.6° (3σ), ± 80 μm, ± 0.8° (4σ)
Camera type 29: ± 60 μm, ± 0.6° (3σ), ± 80 μm, ± 0.8° (4σ)
Component feeding 4 component changeover tables with tape reel holders andintegral waste containers (12 locations, each 30 mm wide,for each component changeover table)
Feeder module types Tapes, bulk cases, stick magazines, application-specific
OEM feeder modules, surftape feeder modules (8, 12,16 mm)
Feeding capacity 48 tape feeder modules 3 x 8 mm S (144 tracks)
48 tape feeder modules 2 x 8 mm S (96 tracks)
48 tape feeder modules 12/16 mm S (48 tracks)
32 tape feeder modules 24/32 mm S (32 tracks)
PCB format(LxW)
Single conveyor 50 x 50 mm² to 368 x 460 mm²
50 x 110 mm² to 610 x 460 mm² (Long board option)
(Width up to 508 mm for Wide board configuration)
Flexible dual conveyor 50 x 50 mm² to 368 x 216 mm²
50 x 110 mm² to 610 x 216 mm² (Long board option)
(Width up to 242 mm for Wide board configuration)
Flexible dual conveyor in Single conveyor mode 50 x 50 mm² to 368 x 380 mm²
50 x 110 mm² to 610 x 380 mm² (Long board option)
PCB thickness:0.3 – 4.5 mm (thicker PCBs on request)
a) According to the definition in the SIPLACE Scope of Service and Delivery
b) 01005 optional, from April 2007
c) With 0201 package

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