SMT Line

JUKI Mounter RX-8 SERIES HIGH SPEED Small modular mounter

The placement machine is an automated equipment used for placement of electronic components. It is mainly used to accurately mount small electronic components (such as integrated circuits, capacitors, inductors, etc.) onto printed circuit boards (PCBs). The placement machine removes the component from the feeder, accurately positions it to a predetermined position, and uses heat or mechanical force to fix it on the PCB. The automation features of the placement machine make the component placement process faster, more accurate and more efficient, greatly improving the production efficiency of electronic products.

The SMT placement machine is at the heart of quality manufacturing, accurately positioning electronic components onto the PCB. It utilises a computer-guided mechanism to extract components from the feeder and accurately place them on the board, ensuring top assembly accuracy.

Product Description

Specifications (model) RX-8 Series
Equipment introduction (main functions and features)
Substrate size
Component height 3mm
Component Size
placement speed(Optimum) Chip 100,000CPH
placement accuracy ±0.04mm(Cpk≥1)
Component loading quantity
Power Supply
Apparent power 2.1kVA
Operating air pressure 0.5±0.05MPa
Operating air pressure 20L/ min ANR (during normal operation)
Overall dimensions (WxDxH)*6Machine dimensions 998mmx1,895mmx1.530mm
Mass (approximately) Mass (approximately)
*1 BOC, Bad Mark, and 2D barcode can be read only if board length is from 50mm to 350mm
*2 In long board mode (two boards can be produced simultaneously up to 420mm long).
*3 Please contact JUKI for details.
*4 When using RF08AS
*5 220V – 430V requires a separate transformer
*6 Depth D does not include the monitor, and height H does not include the signal light when the conveyor height is 900 mm.
board conveying Support fast/Support soft support fast,
others Special nozzle/spare nozzle magazine/connecting cable/leakage circuit breaker/maintenance lighting
Component loading Device Integrated changing trolley/electric tape feeder/fixed (RF) trolley/tape disassembly and assembly station/tape connection fixture
Feeder adjustment jig/off-line preparation power supply for electric trolley
User definition/Equipment settings/Parts DB/Production program creation/Line-based optimization/External output function
Production line monitoring/CAD conversion function/production program download/cluster optimization
IFS-NX Prevention of incorrect parts installation/remaining parts management/feeder search/external preparation function/optional feeder installation
Virus Countermeasure Software Whitelist method (standard installation)
*Optional matching

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