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Siemens placement machine-D2 series

Siemens D2 series equipment has the characteristics of high performance, flexibility, reliability and safety, providing advanced solutions for industrial automation.

Product Description

Siemens D2 series is an industrial automation equipment with the following main functions and features:

1. High performance: The D2 series adopts advanced control technology and has high-speed and high-precision motion control capabilities, enabling precise positioning and motion control.

2. Multiple interfaces and communication protocols: D2 series devices support a variety of commonly used interfaces and communication protocols, such as Ethernet, serial port, Modbus, etc., which can quickly connect and exchange data with other devices.

3. Flexible programming and configuration: D2 series equipment has a friendly user interface and powerful programming capabilities. It can be flexibly configured and customized according to actual needs to adapt to different application scenarios.

4. Reliable and stable: D2 series equipment adopts reliable hardware and software design, has strong anti-interference ability and stability, and can operate stably for a long time in harsh industrial environments.

5. Security guarantee: D2 series devices support multi-level user rights management and data encryption to ensure system security and data reliability and prevent unauthorized operations and information leakage.

6. Various application fields: D2 series equipment is widely used in industrial production lines, mechanical processing, logistics warehousing, automated manufacturing and other fields, and can realize automated production processes and intelligent control.

Types of placement head:
12-nozzle Collect & Place head (C&P12)
6-nozzle Collect & Place head (C&P6)

Number of gantries:2

Placement head configuration and placementratea(Benchmark test):
Placement rate:
C&P12 / C&P12 31,000 comp./h
C&P12 / C&P6 21,000 comp./h
C&P6 / C&P6 19,500 comp./h

Placement positions: 6,000 / gantry

Range of components:
0.4 x 0.2 mm² (01005)b
0.6 x 0.3 mm² (0201) to 18.7 x 18.7 mm²
(01005 option with software version 604, April 2007)

Component height:
C&P12: 6 mm
C&P6: 8.5 mm

Placement accuracy /angular accuracy:
C&P12: ± 67.5 μm, ± 0.53° / (3σ), ± 90 μm, ± 0.71° / (4σ)(standard camera)
C&P12: ± 60 μm, ± 0.53° / (3σ), ± 80 μm, ± 0.71° / (4σ)(high-resolution camera)
C&P6: ± 52.5 μm, ± 0.225° / (3σ), ± 70 μm, ± 0.3° / (4σ)

Component feeding:
2 CO changeover tables with tape reel holders and integralwaste containers,
15 locations, each 30 mm wide, for each CO changeover table

Feeder module types :
Tapes, bulk cases, stick magazines, application-specific OEM
feeder modules, surftape feeder modules (8, 12, 16 mm)

Feeding capacity:
30 tape feeder modules 3 x 8 mm S (90 tracks)
30 tape feeder modules 2 x 8 mm S (60 tracks)
30 tape feeder modules 12/16 mm S (30 tracks)
20 tape feeder modules 24/32 mm S (20 tracks)
14 tape feeder modules 44 mm S (14 tracks)
12 tape feeder modules 56 mm S (12 tracks)

a) According to the Definition in the SIPLACE Scope of Service and Delivery
b) 01005 optional, from April 2007

PCB format(LxW):Single conveyor
50 x 50 mm² to 460 x 460 mm²
50 x 80 mm² to 610 x 460 mm² (Long board option)
(Width up to 508 mm for Wide board configuration)

With PCB widths > 450 mm make
sure that the peripheral modules
are also able to process these widths.

Flexible dual conveyor:
50 x 50 mm² to 460 x 216 mm²
50 x 80 mm² to 610 x 216 mm² (Long board option)
(Width up to 242 mm for Wide board configuration)

Flexible dual conveyor in Single conveyor mode:
50 x 50 mm² to 460 x 380 mm²
50 x 80 mm² to 610 x 380 mm² (Long board option)
(Width up to 430 mm for Wide board configuration)

PCB thickness:0.3 – 4.5 mm (thicker PCBs on request)

The theoretical performance value can reach  40,500CPH
IPC value up to  27,200CPH
Accuracy  ±50μm,±0.225゚@3δ
PCB size Monorail transmission  50 x 50 ** 610 x 508mm
Dual-rail transmission  50 x 50 ** 610 x 430mm
PCB thickness standard  0.3 **4.5mm (others can be provided on request)
Material supply  90 8mm rails
Component range  01005″ – 200 x 125mm
Quality pickup rate  >/= 99.95%
DPM rate  settings
Power supply  200/ 208/ 230/ 380/ 400/ 415VAC ±5%, 50/60Hz
Air supply  5.5bar (0.55MPa) – 10bar (1.0MPa)
Dimensions (lengthx**xwidth) **1587 x 2565 x 1980mm
Mass  2343kg (basic machine with 2 feeders)

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