SMT Line

Siemens placement machine-SX series

The new generation SIPLACE SX placement platform is faster, more precise and more flexible. It’s also smart, open, and fast-learning, able to handle any challenge and make your employees’ lives easier.

Product Description

Specifications (Model) SX Series
Increase feeder capacity Flexible Production High Production
Technical data* SIPLACE SX1 SIPLACE SX2
placement speed 43.250 cph 86,500 cph
placement speed(IPC) 33,000 cph 66,000 cph
Feeder Capacity 120 8 mm slots 120 × 8-mm slots
Component spectrum 0201(Metric)to 200mmx125 mmx50 mm
Board size 50 mm x50 mm to 1,525 mmx 590 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H) 1.5mx2.8mx1.8m
Placement heads SpeedStar (CP20P2), MultiStar (CPP), TwinStar (TH)
Placement accuracy 22 μm @3σ(with TwinStar)
Conveyors Single-track conveyor, flexible dual-track conveyor

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