Overall workshop planning/SMT equipment production line

The company is located in Guangdong Province. The company’s business scope is: technology development, sales, leasing, and related development of LEDs, digital tubes, LED lattice blocks, clock screens, LCD backlights, pixel tubes, display screens, strip screens, and a full range of indoor and outdoor modules. Engineering construction, on-site installation and maintenance, related technical consultation; technical development and sales of new electronic components, luminescent materials, lighting and lighting products, electromechanical equipment, computer software and hardware, network control products, etc.

Since 2016, Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., as the cooperative planning service provider of “HKING LED”, has maintained a very trusting and stable cooperative relationship! Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. provides one-stop services from 0-1 overall workshop planning and SMT equipment production lines.

Overall workshop planning:

Investigate customer needs and requirements, and conduct unified planning and design of workshop space layout, equipment configuration, workflow, material management, etc., to make a complete plan for the purpose of improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and improving the working environment and safety.

One-stop service for SMT equipment production line:

Services: Equipment selection and on-time delivery, expert technical team: equipment installation and debugging, training and technical support, after-sales maintenance and upkeep, upgrade and transformation services, data analysis and optimization; provide peripheral equipment and consumables, etc., to provide effective solutions Customers will consider all problems and provide solutions and services.

Director of HKING LED said:

(Extremely excited) Special thanks to Shenzhen Fuliu Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.! ! ! Before starting the construction, we were very difficult and confused. We didn’t know how to plan the workshop and purchase optional SMT production line equipment. “Fuliu Electronics” provides us with one-stop services such as 0-1 overall workshop planning and SMT equipment production lines. It can provide us with customized solutions in a timely manner according to different needs and requirements. It is no exaggeration to say that , solved 95% of the difficulties of our start-up factory, avoided wasting money, and avoided many detours.

We have been cooperating since the establishment of the factory in 2016. It has been nearly 7 years. During this period, “Fuliu Electronics” has been very satisfied with our one-stop service and the speed of response solutions. At the same time, because we trust “Fuliu Electronics” more, during this period we also recommended “Fuliu Electronics” to our friends’ factories, and they also established a cooperative relationship with “Fuliu Electronics”!

“Fuliu Electronics” has witnessed the scale of our factory from 0-1 to now. Of course, we also hope to continue to cooperate with “Fuliu Electronics” in the future.

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