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GKG-Printing Machine-G9+ Series

The G9+ fully automatic solder paste printing machine is a high-end model aimed at high-end SMT applications. It can perfectly meet the printing process requirements of fine pitch, high precision and high speed such as 03015 and 0.25pitch.

Product Description

CCD digital camera system
The new light path system – uniform ring light and high-brightness coaxial light, coupled with infinitely adjustable brightness functions, allows all types of Mark points to be
Very good identification (including uneven Mark points), suitable for tin-plated, copper-plated, gold-plated, tin-sprayed FPC and other types of PCBs of different colors.

High-precision PCB thickness adjustment lifting platform
It has a compact and reliable structure, smooth lifting and manual adjustment, and can easily adjust the position and height of PCB boards of different thicknesses.

Guide rail positioning system
National utility model invention patent. The detachable and programmable flexible side clamp device can perform unique top flattening for soft boards and warped PCBs.
Through software programming, it can automatically expand and contract without affecting the tin thickness.

Brand new scraper structure design
Adopting a new hybrid scraper system to improve operational stability and extend service life.

High speed stencil cleaning
The dripping cleaning structure effectively prevents unclean wiping caused by the local lack of solvent caused by the plugging of the solvent tube, and the length of the dripping can be controlled through software.

New multifunctional interface
Simple, clear and easy to operate.
Real-time temperature and humidity monitoring function.

Optional features:
Steel mesh detection system
By performing light source compensation above the steel mesh and using CCD to check the mesh of the steel mesh in real time, it can quickly detect and determine whether the holes are blocked after cleaning the steel mesh, and perform automatic cleaning, which is an important method for 2D inspection of PCB boards. kind of supplement.

Closed loop pressure feedback system
Provide accurate scraper pressure to ensure uniform force between the scraper and the steel mesh, extend the life of the scraper and the steel mesh, ensure pressure stability during scraper printing, and improve the molding effect.

Bottle type automatic tin addition and automatic solder paste detection function
Mobile automatic adding of solder paste to ensure the quality of solder paste and the amount of solder paste in the stencil. This ensures customers’ printing quality and improves productivity.
Through the detection device, the remaining amount of solder paste on the stencil is intelligently managed and can form a closed-loop control with automatic tin addition to ensure printing quality.

SPI online
Connected with SPI to form a closed-loop system. When receiving feedback information about bad SPI0 brush, the machine will automatically adjust according to the offset of SPI feedback.
The XY direction offset can be automatically adjusted within 3PCS, and the stencil can be cleaned to improve printing quality and production efficiency, forming a complete printing feedback system.

Leading the way in Industry 4.0 compatibility
Through automatic uploading or output of machine status and parameters, it provides customers with strong guarantee for Industry 4.0 intelligent production.
It can achieve seamless connection with the customer’s MES system and achieve a high degree of product traceability: intelligent management and control equipment maintenance.
According to on-site management, the usage rights of engineering personnel at all levels can be allocated independently.

BTB provides users with greater flexibility in production line configuration. Now you can take advantage of the G9+’s outstanding printing performance and achieve dual-channel output in a smaller total footprint.


Substrate processin G9+
Maximum board size 450*340mm
Minimum board size 50*50mm
Board thickness 0.4~6mm
Maximum board weight 3Kg
Board edge clearance 2.5mm
Board height 15mm
Transport height 900士40mm
Transport speed 1500mm/s(Max)Program Control
Transport direction One stage
Board clamp Plandover the top damping
Side clamping
Adsorption function
Support System Magnetic Pin
Support Block
Manual up-down table
Printing Parameters G9+
Snap- -off 0-20mm
Print Mode One/Twice
queegee Type bber/Steel Squeegee Blade(angle 45/55/60)
Print Speed 10~200mm/sec
Print Pressure 0.5~10Kg
The template frame size 470*370mm~737*737mm(20- -40厚)
Cleaning System Drops of rain type cleaning system
Reinforced Vacuum absorption
Dry, Wet Vacuum three modes
Back and forth cleaning
Vision G9+
CCD FOV 10*8mm
Fiducial mark types Standard shape datum, custom images
Camera System Look up/down optics structure
CCDdigital camera
Geometry pattem match
Machine Performance G9+
Repeat PostionAccuray 土12.5um@6σ,CPK≥2.0
Print Accuracy 土18um@6σ,CPK≥2.0
Based on the third party test system(CTQ)Verify the actual solder paste printingposition repeat precision
Cycle time < <7.5sec
Machine paramter G9+
Power Source AC:220土10% ,50/60HZ,2.5KW
Air Pressure 4~6 Kgf/cm2
Air Consumption About 5L/min
Operating Temperature – -20C~+45C
Operating Humidity 30%~60%
Machine deisnihoutt Twelignf 1530(H)mm
Machine Length 1172(L)mm
Machine Width 1385(W)mm
Machine WeightApprox: Approx:about 1000KgThe G9+ fully automatic solder paste printing machine is a high-end model aimed at high-end SMT applications. It can perfectly meet the printing process requirements of fine pitch, high precision and high speed such as 03015 and 0.25pitch.

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