SMT Line

GKG-Printing Machine-GLE Series

The GLE fully automatic solder paste printing machine is a high-end model aimed at large-size SMT applications. The GLE width is only 2830mm, which can perfectly meet the printing process requirements of fine pitch, high precision and high speed such as 01005 and 0.3pitch.

Product Description

Introduction to standard features
CCD digital camera system
The new light path system – uniform ring light and high-brightness coaxial light, coupled with the infinitely adjustable brightness function, makes various types of Mark points
It can be well identified (including uneven Mark points) and is suitable for tin-plated, copper-plated, gold-plated, tin-sprayed FPC and other types of PCBs of different colors.

High-precision PCB thickness adjustment lifting platform
It has a compact and reliable structure, smooth lifting and automatic adjustment, and can easily adjust the position and height of PCB boards of different thicknesses.

New multifunctional interface
Simple, clear and easy to operate.

Drip cleaning system
The drip-type cleaning system effectively prevents smearing caused by the local lack of solvent caused by the blocked hole of the solvent pipe.

Brand new scraper structure design
Adopting a new hybrid scraper system to improve operational stability and extend service life.

Guide rail positioning system
National utility model invention patent. The detachable and programmable flexible side clamp device performs unique top flattening for soft boards and warped PCBs. Through software programming, it can automatically expand and contract without affecting the tin thickness.

Machine Performance
Repeat Position Accuracy 士12.5um@6σ,CPK≥2. 0
Print Accuracy 士18um@6σ,CPK≥2. 0
NCP-CT (excluding cleaning and printing) <7.5 sec
HCP-CT (including cleaning and printing) 19s/pcs
Process CT 4min
Switch line CT 2min
Substrate processing parameter
Maximum board size 510*510mm
Minimum board size 50*50mm
Board thickness 0.4~6mm.
Camera Mechanical range 510*5 10mm
Maximum board weight 5kg
Board edge clearance 2.5mm
Board height 23mm
Transport speed 900士40mm
(Max) Transport speed Segmented control, 1500mm/s (Max)
Transport direction One stage
Transmission direction Left to right
Right to Left
In and out the same
Support System Magnetic Pin
Support Block
Patented over the top clamping
Board clamp Automatic top clamping
Side clamping
Adsorption function
Printing Parameters
Print Speed 10^ 200mm/sec
Print Pressure 0.5^ 20Kg
Print Mode 0ne/Twice
Queegee Type Rubber/Squeegee Blade (angle 45/55/60)
Snap-off 0^ 20mm
Snap-Speed 0^ 20mm/ sec
The template frame size 470*370mm~ 737*737mm
Steel mesh positioning method Automatic Y-direction positioning (compatible with manual compensation adjustment)
Cleaning Parameters
Cleaning System Dry,Wet_ Vacuum three modes
High speed cl eaning Integrated & weave_ cl eaning
Cleaning system Side spray type
Cleaning stroke Automatic generat ion
Cleaning position Post cleaning
C1 eaning Speed 10-200mm/ sec
Cleaning fluid consumption Auto & Manually adjustable
Cleani ng paper consumption Auto & Manually adjustable
Vision Parameters
CCD FOV 10*8mm
Camera type 130 Thousand CCD Digital camera
Camera Sys tem Lock up/ down optics structure
Camera Cycle time 100ms
Fiducial mark types Standard Fiducial Mark Shape
round、square、 di amond、cross
Pad and profile
Mark size 0.1-6mm
Mark number Max: 4pcs
Stay away number Max: 1pcs
Standard – smart options
safely control Shut down when opening the door, abnormal alarm
security door lock Automatically lock the production door to prevent violent opening of equipment and injury to people
Permission settings Can be set freely to set authority divisions for operators, technicians, and engineers
Smart UI Brand new interface, shortcut key operation
2D inspection Detecting missing tin/missing print/continuous tin
BTB The electrical layout is forward and the equipment is combined into one to increase production capacity.
Machine parameter
Power Source AC:220土10%, 50/60Hz 2. 5KW
Air Pressure 4 6Kgf/cm2
Air Consumption About 5L/min
Operati ng Temperature . -20°C^ +45C
Working envi ronment humidi ty 30%~ 60% .
Machine dimension (without Tower li ght) 1 500(H) mm
Machine Length 1240(L) mm
Machine Wi dth 1410(W) mm
Machine Weight Approx Approx: about 1100Kg
Equipment load bearing requi rements 650Kg/ m’

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