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MPM-Printing Machine-II 100 Series

Momentum II’s new look and innovative new features further improve quality, throughput, productivity, ease of use and flexibility. A value-for-money, high-performance printing solution designed to meet the demands of high-volume production.

Product Description

patented technology:

Solder paste management system.
Closed Loop SPI Print Optimizer
Benchmark™ 5.0

The MomentumII100 brings performance found only in higher-priced presses. This practical press uses the rugged, reliable Momentum° series platform that has proven to be at the highest end of the industry, yet the Momentum° II 100 is priced incredibly well.

Low cost, high efficiency, moderate floor space, and can change with user needs. When users require increased production, innovative patented functions can be added or based on
Reconfiguration is required.

Momentum”II100 can fit PCB circuit boards of various sizes, from 609.6mmx508mm (24″x20″) to 50.8 mmx50.8 mm
(2″x2″). Momentum°’s alignment repeatability is ±11 microns @ 6σ, Cpk ≥ 2.0, and solder paste print accuracy is ±17 microns @ 6σ, Cpk ≥ 22.0.
Tighter performance tolerances mean higher repeatability and fewer defects. An additional cycle time of 11 seconds ensures medium to high throughput. No other press is equal to the Momentum II 100, which delivers essential, repeatable print quality and high yields, making it a press you can truly afford.

Momentum II BTB new features:

Newly designed machine appearance, larger viewing window and wider internal operating area of the printing press.

Quickly load and unload scrapers to shorten line changeover time

Adjustable formwork rack can flexibly handle various boards.

New canning automatic tin adder increases productivity.

Monitor solder paste roll height and solder paste temperature to improve yield and traceability.

Upgraded GUI with customized production pages and Quickstart.

Windows 10 operating system.

*The higher the Cpk value, the lower the variability in the process specification limits. In a qualified 6σ process (i.e., plus or minus 6 standard deviations allowed within specification limits), Cpk ≥ 2.0.

ITW EAE reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications without prior notice. Please consult the factory for specific specifications. ITW EAE’s ongoing product improvement projects may involve product design and/or price, and we reserve the right to make product modifications without prior notification.


MPM press – built on a sturdy base

When components of a system are running and moving at high speeds, strength and stability are prerequisites for accuracy and accuracy. Main components of Momentum® II 100
Driven by a precision ball screw rather than a belt, no corrections are required. The workbench and camera truss operate independently, providing outstanding operational stability, and the Momentum® II 100’s rigid frame, with low vibration, provides high repeatability and reliability over time. The worktable achieves substrate alignment with minimal movement, so the PCB reaches the template faster.

Substrate processing
Maximum substrate size (XxY) Circuit boards with X dimensions greater than 20 inches require specialized fixtures. 609.6 mm x 508 mm (24″ x 20″)
Minimum substrate size (XxY) 50.8mmx50.8mm(2″x2″)
Substrate thickness size 0.2 mm to 5.0 mm (0.008″ to 0.20″)
Maximum substrate weight 4.5kg (10lbs)
substrate edge clearance 3.0 mm (0.118″)
Bottom clearance 12.7 mm (0.5″) standard. Configurable 25.4 mm (1.0″)
Substrate clamping Fixed top clamping, bench vacuum, magnetic ejector pin
Substrate support method Optional parts: vacuum baffle, vacuum ejector pin, support block, special clamp, patented automatic tool, Quik-Tool
Printing parameters
Maximum printing area (X xY) 609.6 mm x 508 mm (24” x 20”)
Printing release (Snap-off) 0 mm 至 6.35 mm (0″ 至 0.25″)
printing speed 0.635 mm/sec – 304.8 mm/sec
(0.025″/sec – 12″/sec)
printing pressure 0 to 22.7 kg (0Ib to 50 lbs)
Template frame size 737 mmx 737 mm (29″x29″)
Smaller size templates available
Image field of view (FOV) 10.6 mm x 8.0 mm (0.417” x 0.315”)
datum point type Standard shape datum points (see SMEMA standards),
camera system single digital camera
– MPM’s patented upward, upward and downward vision system
Total system alignment accuracy and repeatability ±11 microns (0.0004″) @ 6σ, Cpk 22.0*
Technical indicators are expressed through process changes in the production environment. This performance data includes printing speed, printing platform lift and camera movement.
Actual solder paste placement accuracy and repeatability +17 microns (+0.0007″) @ 6σ, Cpk≥2.0*
Actual solder paste print position repeatability based on third-party test system verification.
Cycle Time 11 seconds standard
Power requirements 200 to 240 VAC (+10%) single phase @ 50/60Hz, 15A
Compressed air requirements 100 psi @ 4 cfm (standard operating mode) to 18 cfm (vacuum wipe) (7 bar @ 5L/sec to 12L/sec), 12.7mm (0.5″) diameter tube, ODx9.5 mm (3/8″) tubing the inside diameter of
Machine height (remove lighthouse) 1494.10 mm (58.82″) at 940 mm (37.0″) transport height
Machine depth 1423.5 mm (56.04″)
Machine width 11 96.0 mm (47.09″)
minimum clearance in front 508 mm (20.0″)
Minimum gap behind 508 mm (20.0″)
Machine weight 797 kg (1757 Ibs)
Including box weight 1090.5 kg (2404 Ibs)

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