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Jintuo-Reflow soldering JTL series-Model JTL 730-Model JTL 740

The online vertical lifting curing oven has the characteristics of compact structure, small footprint, high production efficiency, and low energy consumption, which greatly improves workshop utilization.
It is a new trend in the development of curing ovens in the future.

Very excellent thermal efficiency, fully capable of baking and curing products of various specifications, ensuring near-perfect curing quality; online automated production, eliminating labor handling; adjustable production rhythm, adaptable to various curing processes; reinforced thermal insulation structure, The shell temperature is about 10″C higher than the ambient temperature, reducing the impact on the working environment; six temperature zone heating, flexible temperature zone process settings; vertical lifting structure, greatly saving space and improving plant utilization; optional nitrogen system ;

Product Description

Model JTL-730 JTL-740
Dimensions 1980x1750x2250 mm 2180x1850x2250 mm
Product minimum size (W*L) 90×90 mm 90×90 mm
Maximum product size (W’L) 300X350 mm 400X400 mm
PCB stack spacing 25.4mm 25.4mm
Maximum number of boards stored 70PCS 70PCS
PCB pass height 900±20 mm 900土20 mm
PCB beat ≥10S ≥10S
PCB shipping direction L→R or R→L L→R or R→L
Allowable parallelism error of guide rail <±0.8mm <±0.8mm
Guide rail width adjustment method Electric/Manual Electric/Manual Electric/Manual Electric/Manual
Device Configuration
Temperature setting range RT room temperature ~ 200°C RT room temperature ~ 200°C
Temperature control method PID closed-loop control +SSR drive Pclosed-loop control +SSR drive. PID closed-loop control +SSR drive Pclosed-loop control +SSR drive.
Temperature control accuracy ±1°C ±1°C
temperature uniformity △T≤3°C △T≤3°C
Number of heating zones 6 6
Heating time <30Min <30Min
fan speed  Variable Speed Control Variable Speed Control
Control System
Voltage 3ФAC380V/50/60HZ (3Ф220V50/60HZ is subject to technical agreement) 3ФAC380V/50/60HZ (3Ф220V50/60HZ is subject to technical agreement)
total power 60 KW 65KW
Normal working power consumption 4~6KW 6~8KW
SMEMA interface  In/out
Universal power supply  Std.

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