SMT Line

Siemens placement machine-XS series

Tailored to your production, the new SIPLACEXS is the first choice for high-volume applications. A robust placement head and smart feeder ensure an ultra-fast placement process, while smart sensors and a unique digital image processing system deliver maximum precision and process reliability. This model also comes with innovative features such as fast and accurate PCB warpage detection.
SIPLACEXS is the ideal solution for telecom/5G, IT/servers and other demanding applications where you can stay ahead of your competitors with non-stop processes, highest yields, extremely high productivity and lowest placement costs.

Product Description

The placement head is the key
Three innovative placement heads provide perfect performance, flexibility and balance.

Our goal is to reduce placement costs:
Best Performance: Innovative placement modes improve placement performance with placement speeds up to 172,000 cph
Highest placement quality: Unique digital image processing system, component sensors and intelligent feeders ensure the highest placement quality
Maximum overall flexibility: Smart placement heads ensure perfect line balance for any product combination
Smart solutions: Self-healing smart systems and state-of-the-art software minimize human assistance
Predictive maintenance: Sensors and software capture machine status for predictive and preventive maintenance
Intelligent integration: providing connections for integrated smart factories: advancing with the times.

Speed (nominal**) 75,000 cph 112,500 cph 150,000 cph 172,000 cph
Speed (IPC value) 65.000 cph 97.050 cph 130,000 cph 146,000 cph
Feeder stack 160×8 mm
Component range 0201 (metric) to 200mmx125 mmx50 mm
Board size 50mmx50mm to 850mmx685mm
Machine size (length x width x height) 1.9mx2.6mx1.6m
placement head SpeedStar (CP20P2), MultiStar (CPP), TwinStar (TH)
Placement accuracy 22 μm @3σ (using TwinStar)
track system Single-rail transmission, flexible dual-rail transmission

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